Foto van de maand december 2003 - Elli's and Hiski's special birthday dinner

Gekozen en met toestemming geplaatst. - Gewählt worden und mit Zustimming.
Chosen and published with permision from the website VAUHTINAKKI - Pekka Teppo & Tuula Hankkila, Vantaa, Finland

Elli's 100 years birthdayparty

Special birthday dinner.
We have a long tradition in celebrating dachsie birthdays.
Usually we bake them a special cake and ask dachsie friends to enjoy it too. But sometimes we make special dinners too, we know that  good food is what dachsies appreciate above all.
On 1st November 2003 we celebrated the 14th birthday of our male Hiski. And then we noticed, that at the same time our old female, Elli, became 100 years old in human years.
So they celebrated together.
Our Hiski is a very masculine male, also in his food preferences. So he likes beef and sausages, not vegetables. But our Elli loves seafood.
So we decided to make them some Surf and Turf for birthday dinner, something special for both of them.
The Surf and Turf was downgraded a bit, because lobster is hard to get here in Finland, and awfully expensive too. So jumbo shrimps had to go.
But the beef was premium fillet.
We put the fillet of beef and the shrimps on a grill, set a special table - a very low one -  and decorated it.
And let  our old dachsies enjoy. It did not take long.
Photos and story by: Pekka Teppo & Tuula Hankkila, Vantaa, Finland

Click here for a movie of the birthday dinner